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"Fesselnde Neongesichter" Interview mit Edyta Grzyb

  1. Do you remember your first painting which you painted when you were a child?

I don't exactly remember my first painting. I remember that I copied characters from books. I was inspired by great artists. Since I was a child I have been fascinated by this world. The Internet didn't exist and it was difficult to find something about art. I went to the library and borrowed books about great artists.

  1. What motivates you to paint?

People are my greatest motivation. I am more than happy that I can share my feelings and ideas with others. Additionally the whole magic atmosphere around the process of painting is what motivates me. The smell of canvas, paints, creation and finally satisfaction with successful work are precious and indescribable.

  1. What was your first professional painting?

It was a very colourful portrait, full of neon colours. I was inspired by other painters. However, I couldn't name my style then.

  1. What is your message?

The preferred motif of my works is people. Strictly speaking, I am interested in their emotions, expressing them through contrasting colours, and occasionally blurring the lines between reality and fiction. I am of the opinion that painting lives through vivid colours, stimulating esthetical feelings and emotions in the observer. Through the combination of cool tones and intensive neon colours, I transport my audience into a world of fantasy.

  1. Why this style?

Black and white faces are the base for further creation. They are continuation of the beginning of my pastel painting. I used only black and white colours at that time. After some time I felt something was missing. The contrast underlines their strength and power. One important thing is surprise, some not obvious message.

Contrast which I use in my paintings intensifies emotions, at the same time I try to make it harmoniously operating artistic mechanism, full of colourful hyperrealism both in form and in content.

  1. How does your art change the way people see the world?

I think that although my paintings are full of melancholy and insecurity, they give a lot of hope and positive energy.

I try to tell a story of my young life through my pictures, especially the moments of insecurity, contemplation and search. Sometimes it's worth stopping and thinking what is important our lives. In my opinion a lot of people face similar choices maybe that's why my paintings are close to their hearts.

  1. Do you want to change the world through your art?

Yes, I would like people to learn my story and find out that when you try really hard you can do what you love. Maybe not changing the world but I would be happy if my story inspired some people.

  1. How would this world look like?

It would be colourful 🙂

  1. How would the world look like through the glasses of your art in 100 years’ time?

I hope my art will convey the same values which I try to convey at the moment.

  1. How your art could influence people in 100 years’ time?

I think that if everyone had courage to do what he dreams about instead of what he has to or what is right, there wouldn't be so much jealousy among people.

  1. What could be changed?

Everybody would be happy.

  1. What are your plans, how do you want to develop?

I the nearest time I’m planning to create more paintings with the ‘pouring glasses’ motif. During the last art fair in Munich the visitors were crazy about the “pouring glasses.” J

In the long term, new projects appear in my head all the time. I try not to do everything at the same time. I try to focus on my painting and would like to clearly mark my style.

Nov. 2016

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